8 Surprising Hangover Cures You Should Know About

We've all been there - an island infamous for its parties will inevitably come to the sluggish morning-after. We have advice - straight from the experts - on how to ensure you don't fall off the boat after a night of heavy boozing.



It’s Day 2 post-full-moon-party, are you still feeling a little sluggish? Been enjoying your time on the island a little too much? We all know a little too well that dreaded feeling the morning after you’ve ordered a few too many beers… and sangsoms... and the shots that kept miraculously lining the bar.

Fear not, we have solutions readily available for you right here on the island. And if all else fails - challenge yourself on our total-wipeout-style obstacle course, because at the end of the day, nothing beats the natural elements of sun, fun, water and endorphins to sort you right out again. 



Coconut Water

Make use of Koh Phangan’s resources - fresh coconuts can be found everywhere! The water is full of anti-oxidants and electroyles, specifically potassium - the key components to dealing with a hangover. While fresh is always better, don’t panic if you can’t find anyone selling them; you can get pure coconut water bottled up in any 7-eleven.



For some quick relief, simply applying firm pressure on specific points on your body can provide some relief for everything from dizziness to nausea. Refer to this fact sheet by The Healthy Foundation to learn how to correctly use this quick and simple method. 

Salt Water

We don’t mean the ocean, but rather just add a little bit of salt in your water and chug it. A hangover primarily depletes your body of sugar, fat, water and salt - so this little trick will take care of two of those things at once, leaving you to instantly feel a whole lot better .



This delightful Japanese ingredient is a powerful toxin-purger, with cleansing properties that will ease that headache right away. It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand the taste - this trick will work by taking a Wasabi-bath, rather than eating it. Dump some wasabi into your bath water and soak yourself like the piece of raw fish you feel like you are. No wasabi on hand? Mustard powder should also do the trick.

Image from The Dome via Facebook 

Sweat it out

Once you’ve drunk enough water, consider visiting The Dome Sauna for a healthy steam to sweat out all the toxins you ingested from the night before. This a great way to detox, but do be aware that it may dehydrate your further, so try a few other tricks first and make sure you drink enough water before building your way up to a steam.



Hair of the Dog

You were expecting this one, weren't you? It goes without saying - more booze will provide short-term relief. While it may not be the smartest idea in the long-term, the Bloody Mary’s we serve up here at The Challenge certainly do provide some goodness, if only for a little while. 


So we’re not encouraging you to walk into the nearest dive shop and request a canister of gas…. actually, maybe we are. And if that doesn’t work, try exercising to boost your oxygen levels. While it may not sound appealing, a light workout will do wonders. Phangan Muay Thai Gym and Podium Gym in Baan Tai both offer daily, weekly and monthly membership rates.


The Mountain Burger 

2 x 120g 100% beef patty, bacon, cheese, salad and pickles in a fresh burger bun... are you salivating yet? It goes without saying, hangovers are the best excuse to load up on greasy, wholesome food without the guilt. Bring in The Challenge's infamous Mountain Burger - this overload of goodness will sort out your depletion of fat in the body. The only question is - can you handle it? #challengeaccepted

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