You're Getting a Tattoo, You're Getting Ink Done! Places in Phangan to get that tramp-stamp Hon'

Here are our recommendations if you're in Koh Phangan, you've had a full day at The Challenge, you've done your Full Moon Party, and now you're looking for somewhere to get that tattoo that you've always wanted! You can find skilled artists here who are skilled in both bamboo and machine techniques.


Tiki Tattoo

Polynesian style specialized studio on Koh Phangan, Thailand.
Tikiroa was born in Christchurch - New Zealand and has Maori and Dutch ancestry. He lived in New Zealand before moving to Holland where he lived for over 10 years.
He now lives on Koh Phangan Island in the Gulf of Thailand, famous for the Full Moon Party and Jungle parties every month.

All the tattoos done by Tikiroa are done in the traditional Thai Bamboo style, Tikiroa does not use machines.

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Tiki Tattoo, Koh Phangan

Freeway Bamboo Tattoo

Bamboo Tattoos in Thailand were traditionally used for protection, performed by Buddhist monks, before warriors went into battle. Monks in Thailand still practice these tattoo’s today and you can have a tattoo for good luck and protection on different aspects of your life.

Tip can offer you a bamboo tattoo , different to the temple tattoo’s where they use a metal tattoo rod, tip uses a new piece of bamboo with sterile needles attached. A bamboo tattoo has it’s advantages over machine tattoo’s , as they can heal faster, ideal when your on holiday. The technique of a bamboo tattoo is much gentler, they still can hurt, but much less than a machine tattoo, where needles are scratched across the skin instead of going in a few times in one place. 

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Freeway tattoo, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Tattoo Club

Tattoo Club has been open here at the present place in Thong Sala, Soi Krung Thai, Koh Pha Ngan for the past 13 years now. At present we have 2 Tattoo artists, both working by machine only.

The owner and head Tattoo artist of the house is Den, a respected artist who has been tattooing for 14 years now. The other artist is Mark, Den's student, who has been tattooing now for 8 years. Both work only by Machine.
The past 8 years they have both worked to come up with a style unique only to Tattoo Club, combining Thai, Japanese and Maori influences. It's a never ending process, always changing as new ideas present itself. Yet both have they're own distinct styles. Den's is more bold and dark, while Mark's style is more soft and organic.
We also tattoo in all styles, black and grey or color. If you have your own designs just bring them in and we'd be happy to put it on your skin.

We here are a family of artists who love to share ideas with people. We pride ourselves in doing freehand because we feel we are able to fully merge the tattoo and the skin to flow as one. If you have any ideas you can come in and talk to us and we can help design you the Tattoo you want.

Tattoo Club is not only about Tattoos. Our studio is always open. Everyone is always welcome to come in, if you're interested in getting a Tattoo or if you just want to get out of the sun and relax in our mellow garden. Most of our staff speak English.

Over the years the Tattoo Club family has grown and is still growing with friends and repeat customers who become friends all adding to our crazy, freaky family. This group is for everyone who has come through our little hole in the street and experienced so much more and for those who will find us in the future. Also for you to see just a little of what goes on here at TATTOO CLUB.

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Tattoo club, Koh Phangan

K Bamboo Tattoo

K’s tattoo house gives a spectacular view over Thong Nai Pan Noi bay in Koh Phangan.
Making the tattoo session truly a lifetime experience.

With bamboo tattoo, the skin is softly punctured but not torn as with machine tattooing is the case. This results in a significant pain reduction and less bleeding.

Because of the almost painless procedure, bamboo tattoos are very much recommended for areas such as the feet, or other delicate areas.

On top of that there is no scabbing, and a much faster healing process, usually a couple of days. The tattoo doesn’t crack or go patchy, thus there is no need for touch ups. Because there is almost no bleeding the ink settles quite deeply and color is not lost. And there is no problem going into the sun after the bamboo tattooing.

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 K Bamboo Tattoo, Phangan, Thailand

Southern Ink

About Here at Southern ink we offer that different touch and unique envoironment, a welcoming and pleasant experience for all. Gender Male Personal Information We operate on both appointment system and walk in. Each of our clients are treated as we would like to be treated ourselves, with strict professionalism. *all equipments are 100% sterilized *Our tattoo colors & tattoo equipments meet Eu.standards I would say "its all about the art"

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Southern Ink Tattoo

Big Magic Tattoo

Welcome to Big's Magic Tattoo, located on Thong Nai Pan Noi, Koh Phangan. Mr Big is a true artist, and with almost two decades of experience you know he will do a great job.

  • 18 years experience. Big has earned a reputation for his artistic ability and tattooing skill.
  • When in Thailand, it makes sense to get a traditional bamboo style tattoo (fast healing). You can get work with a tattoo gun anywhere.
  • Clean and sterile. Each tattoo is done using completely original materials. The bamboo stick and needle are never re-used.
  • Did you get a tattoo when you were younger that you are no longer happy with? Mr Big can fix bad/faded work or even cover the old tattoo with a new one.

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Mr. Big Tattoo, Phangan

DNA Tattoo Gallery

DNA Tattoo Gallery is one of best tattoo shops in Haad Rin. Offering unique bamboo tattoos and professional, friendly service that will guarantee you satisfaction. We can create custom designs based on your individual preferences and requirements.

We work with award winning Thai tattoo artist, Eddie who has international experience in tattoo art. Has been working in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Canada. Eddie's specialty is working with machine.

Our other team member is Ake, a traditional bamboo-style artist who used to work in Phuket (Patong), Phi Phi and Hat Yai. His specialties are Japanese style designs such as dragon and koi fish; Thai-Polynesian and Neo-Thai artworks.

We have nice woodcut artworks and uniquely designed T-shirts from Phangan Art Club at our shop as well.

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DNA Tattoo Phangan

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