Our Top 7 spots to Catch the Sunset on Koh Phangan

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Our Top 7 spots to Catch the Sunset on Koh Phangan

Another day is coming to an end at The Challenge Phangan. The music is dying down, the laughter and screams that once filled the park, are now only distant echoes across the lake. You have had more than your fill of action, wipe-outs, and water.

The bartenders are making the final call as the sky begins to glow a purplish-pink through the treeline. It's 6pm and the perfect time to go and watch one of the most amazing sunsets you will ever see in your life – A sunset that even the locals never grow tired of.

Here are our personal favourite places to catch the magic:


 1. Sunset Walk, Baan Tai

Sunset walk is the newest evening hotspot on Koh Phangan. Located centrally on the main road from Thong Sala to Haad Rin, they are taking the island by storm. The staff are incredible and can’t do enough for you. They have happy hour from 5-6pm on a selection of amazing cocktails for only 100 baht. I’m not talking about your average beach bucket, here. These are top quality cocktails made with precision and sure to satisfy the finest taste buds. They are currently opening a market area and restaurants on the property as well. We are very excited to see what’s next for Sunset Walk and can’t wait to see the finished product!

Sunset at Sunset Walk, Baan Tai, Koh Phangan, Thailand 

2. Secret Mountain

    A very fitting name, as it’s not on the Phangan Info map, and located on the top of a very tall, steep hill just behind the town of Baan Tai. It was built last year and boasts one of the most incredible views we’ve ever seen. Acres upon acres of palm trees in front of you, Koh Samui to your right, Ang Thong in the distance and dozens of fishing boats speckled throughout the horizon. They have a full western and Thai menu at reasonable prices, and did we mention the pool?! It’s never very busy up there so you can enjoy the atmosphere and really chill out. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be on top of the world, Secret Mountain will show you.

     Sunset at Secret Mountain, Koh Phangan, Thailand

    3. Top Rock Bar

      Located in Wok Tom just passed the infamous, Amsterdam Bar, is the lesser known hidden-gem, Top Rock Bar. Up a staggering 200 some-odd stone steps nestled in the trees, you can always expect to be greeted by an elderly Thai man with a big grinning face. You really feel like you’re in your own personal tree fort gazing straight out over the Gulf of Thailand. Peter Pan would approve, and so do we.

       Sunset at Top Rock Bar, Koh Phangan, Thailand

      4. View Art Bar

      Heading from Baan Tai towards Haad Rin, at the top of the first big hill is View Art Bar. It’s more of a super chilled out hippy art gallery than a bar. There are two Thai men that are usually there painting portraits of classic rock stars among other trippy things. Every part of their décor is hand made by them.  As far as I know they don’t serve food, and their alcohol selection is somewhat limited, but we would trade all of that for the chilled out vibes and reggae music at View Art Bar any day.

       Sunset at View Art Bar, Kho Phangan, Thailand

      5. Golden Rock

      Just around the corner from The Challenge Phangan in the town of Srithanu, Golden Rock is the definition of laid-back. They have an amazing, cheap Thai menu with the best “no name” we have ever had! It is built out over the water and has a cool view of a recent ship wreck right along the coast. There is always a fisherman or two wadding in the water catching dinner for his family, and if you get really lucky you might even catch a glimps of the nudists that dance on the beach at sunset down on “naked beach!”

       Sunset at Golden Rock, Koh Phangan, Thailand

      6. Secret Beach/ Koh Raham

      The worst kept secret on Koh Phangan: Secret Beach. All for a good reason, of course! It’s located just before Haad Yao on the Coast Road. They have all these Quirky hand-painted signs leading you down from the road that really set the mood for a good beach day. The girls that run the café are lovely and their food and drinks are to die for! At the opposite end of the beach is Koh Raham restaurant. Filled with hammocks, fairy lights and rope swings over the water, it is one of the most photogenic places to eat on the Island!

       Sunset at Secret Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

      7. JJ’s resort and restaurant

      Located along the coast road near the famous bent palm tree that is the centre point of hundreds of Facebook display photos. This is one of our favourite places to catch the sunset and a bite to eat. Surrounded by beautiful mangrove trees, and loads of hammocks to chill out; JJ’s restaurant is home to one of the most extensive menus on the island. They have incredible Thai and western food, the biggest issue is deciding what you want to eat!

       JJ's restaurant and resort in Koh Phangan, Thailand

      So there it is! A week’s worth of sunset hotspots for you to choose from! The perfect way to relax after an epic day at The Challenge Phangan.


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